White Noise Studios is run as an unmanned rehearsal space. By doing this, we’re able to keep our costs low and our equipment level high. We ask of you that you are respectful of the studio, it’s equipment and most importantly, the other users. With this in mind, we ask that you follow the instructions in the studio and leave the studio as you found it, tidy and clean for the users who follow you. Thank you! To access the unit, please use the key safe positioned to the left of the white door into the unit. Pull the black cover down and type 1649B into the keypad making sure you hear a click when pressing the buttons (if the buttons don’t click, press the ‘clear’ button first). Then turn the black open knob clockwise. Use the ‘White Door Key’ to open the white door and enter the unit – White Noise is the last unit on the left-hand side (remember to take the key with you whilst you rehearse). The padlock code for the shutter door is 16641, open the box and turn the key to raise the shutter – you will then have full access to the rehearsal space with the unit light switch being on the wall to the left of the metal shutter. When entering the rehearsal space (live room) just pull hard on the sliding patio door to open and you will find the light switches behind the curtain in the corner to the right behind the artificial plant!
If you wish to drive into the unit to unload, please do so by raising the large shutter door with the chain but please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLES IN THE BUILDING AT ANY POINT but park them outside, preferably on the rough ground to the right of the entrance ramp once you have finished unloading. If you park in a parking bay, please be prepared to move your car if asked as, whilst not marked, they are allocated to all the other units – if you have any questions, just message us. MAKE SURE, DURING YOUR SESSION, THAT THE LARGE SHUTTER DOOR AND WHITE DOOR INTO THE BUILDING ARE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES!
When leaving make sure you leave all equipment as you found it putting cables, mic stands, drums etc tidily back where they were when you arrived. IMPORTANT! TURN OFF ANY HEATERS YOU HAVE TURNED ON DURING YOUR SESSION (Do not touch the controls/plug socket on the radiator). Lock the unit with the padlock remembering to spin the padlock wheels and use the ‘White Door Key’ to lock the door and then make sure you return the key to the key safe.
PLEASE NOTE: The area behind the black curtains in the outside area is strictly out of bounds, users found entering this area without prior permission will be asked to leave and not return.
Please give the studio codes out to as few people as possible.
We do now have monitored CCTV in the studio including the area outside and in the entrance. If we have any reason to believe that you may not be abiding by our rules, we will check the CCTV whilst you are using the studio and if it’s found that you are causing issues, we will use this footage to claim damages. This footage is stored on external servers. There is also CCTV on the estate covering the whole area so please remember this.
Please ensure you leave the unit at the time given on your session to allow for other Musicians time to come into the unit and set up ready for theirs. If you are in until 11pm we are happy for you to stay later if you are ‘in the groove’ but please, no 2am sessions – thanks.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us on Facebook, email or call Mark on 07878 316514 in an emergency, but be prepared to leave a message.